Mr Kong Hock Sian

President / Chairman / Managing Director

A Malaysian, Kong holds an Honours Degree in Banking, Insurance and Finance from United Kingdom. Kong's vast interest and experience in various disciplines have been instrumental in his previous portfolios as Chairman in a Malaysian Insurance Company and Director of Public-Listed Companies. He is the major shareholder of Toko Assurance with extensive business interests in Malaysia and other countries.

Mr Ong Beng Leong 


A Malaysian, Ong's forte lies extensively on his expertise in property development and asset management. Therefore, we believe that his wealth of experience would greatly benefit our corporate plan in both fields of property and asset development in Lao PDR.

Mr Daovone Phachanthavong 


A Laotian, Daovone - who is the Executive Director of ACE Electronics (a locally Lao PDR home grown company that specializes in electronic goods) - is an accountant by training and he currently sits on the Board of Toko Assurance as one of its Directors.

Ms Andreana Lau Mern Choo 

Company Secretary

Lau, a Malaysian, is a qualified and certified Accountant commanding a few significant financial positions in Malaysia. Lau is also a qualified member of the prestigious Chartered Institute of Management Accountants